Pikachu Sounds

What's the point of having only a few sounds when Pikachu is all over the place in every episode!!?? That's why I've decided to get them all! I've been going through each episode off T.V. and recording every little sound Pikachu makes, or if Pikachu is metioned by anyone (except the announcer). Now on a brand new server, these sounds are faster and easier to download than ever! Hope I'll have more soon...

To find the old ones that don't have a episode category yet, go under OTHER SOUNDS

Since there's so many awesome episodes, and you might not have time to go through each one, I've taken THE BEST sound from each episode and put them in one page. This will also help you decide which episodes to check out for many more sounds...so ckeck out the useful THE BEST SOUNDS page!


Episode 1 - "Pokémon, I choose you!"

Episode 2 - "Pokémon Emergency!"

Episode 3 - "Ash catches a Pokémon"

Episode 4 - "Challenge of the Samurai"

Episode 5 - "Showdown in Pewter City"

Episode 6 - "Clefairy and the Moonstone"

Episode 7 - "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City"

Episode 8 - "The Path to the Pokémon League"

Episode 9 - "The School of Hard Knocks"

Episode 10 - "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" (missing)

Episode 11 - "Charmander, the Stray Pokémon"

Episode 12 - "Here comes the Squirtle Squad"

Episode 13 - "Mystery at the Lighthouse"

Episode 14 - "Electric Shock Showdown"

Episode 15 - "Battle Aboard the St. Anne"

Episode 16 - "Pokémon Shipwreck"

Episode 17 - "Island of the Giant Pokémon"

Episode 18 - "Tentacool and Tentacruel"

Episode 19 - "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak"

Episode 20 - "Bye, Bye Butterfree" (incomplete)


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