Pikasso Gallery

Here are some drawn pictures that were submitted:

Created by Phillip Phon

"Pika Pika!" - Submitted by Cameron Korb (10)

"Samurai Pikachu"

Submitted by Mike Uskov

"Love My Pikachu!!!" - Created by Cass (16)

"The Gerudo Thief Pikachu" - From Kate (14)

Thanks to Anita Xue (13) for this one!

"......Pikachu, pika-Pi-ka" - Sent by Volfanman (11)

This wonderful picture was sent in by Volfanman (11)

"Ash and Pikachu" Awesome work by Anita Xue!

"Pikachu" - Very nice work by Nikki (12)!

Great work submitted by Kate (14)

"Pikachu's Happy" - Wonderful picture from Mike Uskov

"Ready to fight!" - Cute stuff from Ashley (12)

"Pika pals" - Click to see the awesome full pic from Cooley (16)

Here's a little Pikachu figure someone made out of paper maché:

Who can make the best Pikachu impression? Check out these people's tries:

Cameron Korb (10) - 35 kb

Julia Strich (9) - 52 kb

DJ (10) - 18 kb

If art isn't really your thing, I'll also accept poetry! Check out these great works, and don't forget to try some yourself!

Ash and Pikachu

Pikachu met Ash one day,
And Ash's mom thought they started to play.
Then they met Brock and Misti and started a journey,
To go to the Virmillian City 

Pikachu battled Raichu and fought,
For the Lightning Badge Ash sought.
Pikachu won and Ash gave out a cry
And said, "What a good Pokemon have I!"


By Bethany I.


By Bethany I.

I Want a Pikachu!

by: Anita X.

  If you could have any Pokemon
which one would you choose?
Would you want a Pidgey or a Squirtle?
No, I want a Pikachu!

  Pikachu's really smart
and also very cute.
If I could have a Pokemon
I'd want a Pikachu!

  Would you trade it for a Bulbasaur
or maybe for a Sandshrew?
Would you like to have a Charmander?
No, I'll keep my Pikachu.

  With its Thundershock and Agility
Pikachu's the best.
With all its strengths and wisdom
It can beat all the rest.

  Of all the Pokemon in the world,
which one is right for you?
There's no doubt about it,
it's Pikachu!

Don't forget to send in your own pictures or Pikachu work! See the Now It's Your Turn page for more info.