Now It's Your Turn...

Now that you've seen hundreds of pictures of Pikachu, heard tens of Pikachu sounds, and even saw a few clips from the show starring Pikachu, here's your chance to add to this giant and quickly growing collection! Yes, it's your turn now to make something about Pikachu! Send your pictures or sounds by Email to and they'll soon be posted on the site for everyone to see. Not only will your picture be admired, but you're also contributing to the biggest Pikachu collection on the internet!

Wanna see what other people just like you made and sent in? Check out the Pikasso Gallery!

Here are 10 Pikachu project ideas you could try:

1. Got a pencil? Got a scanner? Got a bit of talent? Draw Pikachu, scan the image, and send it on in! That's all it takes!

2.Got some cool drawing tools? Are you good at colouring too? Do you have access to a scanner? Draw a cool, colourful Pikachu and scan it. The picture can be traced or copied too...and every picture will be posted, no matter how bad it is! Also, try drawing Pikachu with some of his friends...

3. No scanner? Are you really good with computer graphics? Get a drawing program and draw Pikachu! Even something like Windows' Draw or Paint works! You don't have to save it as a GIF either...any picture format will do!

4. Are you really good with computer graphics? I mean really good? Try making your own Pikachu animation with Animated Gif programs you can download off the internet.

5. Are you really good at arts and crafts? Try making your own Pikachu out of Paper Maché, or maybe clay, or plasticine! Make your own little standing Pikachu out of whatever you even Legos...take its picture, scan it, and send it in! This is something really fun to try!

6. Pika! Pika! That's right! Try to impersonate Pikachu saying something! Record your fake Pikachu sounds through a microphone and send them in! We'll see who can make the best Pikachu impression!

7. So art isn't really your thing, eh? That's okay! Write a short story or poem about Pikachu, and I'll add that too!

8. Do you have one of those special machines that allow you to watch T.V. on your computer and record clips? Send some screenshots in, or maybe even a short movie clip!

9. Pikachu coming to N64? Yep, in the game called SNAP! Send in some 3D Pikachu shots off that game if you can run the emulator or can somehow get the screenshot!

10. Just surfing around and saw a cool Pikachu picture that's not on this site yet ? Download it and send it to me, or just send me the link! This includes even if it's a bad picture with just a small piece of a Pikachu! Send them in and make this huge collection giant!

So there you go! There's 10 cool ideas of things you can do for yourself, and Pikachu of course, as well as this site (if you can and want to send it in)! Just Email your Pikachu work to and come back soon to this site to see your work among may other people's on the internet!

When submitting your work, please include the title of the work, your name and your age if you want it to be displayed with your work. It think it's nicer to know what the picture is called, who made it, and how old the person was when I look at some artwork! Of course, you don't have to give all that info if you don't want to. If you can't think of a name for your work, that's most certainly okay! If you don't want your last name displayed, or just want your nickname, that's fine with me too. And of course, you don't have to mention your age either if you don't want to. Double check with your parents before giving out that info for public audiences.

Have more ideas? Use the Form Mail and let me know!

Please don't send any files over 5 Megabytes. Ask your parents for help and permission for the bigger Pikachu projects. Do not send any work that is breaking a Copyright law, if it's of a magazine or site. Updates of your work are welcome (so, for example, if you change your animated gif a bit, just send it in again with the improvements, and I'll replace it). Any work submitted will be on the site in less than a week. Oh, and make sure you have fun with the projects...the whole purpose of this site is to show you just how fun and cute Pikachu really is! Don't worry about spending too much time, because all Pikachu work, no matter how bad it is, will be displayed (or linked for the downloads) on this site. Have fun, and pika pika!!!!