Pikachu Videos

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The English beginning theme song from the US! "I wanna be the very best...", "You'll teach me and I'll teach you...". I think everyone has seen it a million times, but it's still great! Make sure you compare it with the one from Japan!

2.66 M


The Japanese theme song. It seems longer than the American one, and better! There's tons of Japanese writing in it, as well as tons of great scenes from the best episodes. Very well done! A must see!

4 M


Ash tries to get Pikachu to enter the Pokéball, but it keeps bouncing off Pikachu, and his mom thinks they're playing catch. This is from the very first Pokémon episode where ash just received his first Pokémon, Pikachu, from Professor Oak.

584 kb


This is a big fight between Pikachu and Raichu! There's lots of characters watching this fight, including Jesse and James from Team Rocket!

647 kb


This is the Pokémon Rap with Pikachu in it at the end! "Zubat, Primape, Meowth, Onix...". It's a big download, but it's worth the wait! This is your chance to learn a whole PokéRap off by heart!

3.6 M


This isn't a video from the show, but from a game from Japan called "Pokémon Stadium" where you can fight Pokémon in 3D. In this clip, Moltres (I think) fights Pikachu, and finishes him off. Sad, but the game seems really cool! Video requires QuickTime to play.

1.65 M


This 7 second video is really cute! It's from the episode with Jigglypuff, where Jigglypuff kept sneaking up and kicking Pikachu and Pikachu never knew what happened. This small clip is a really nice one of Jigglypuff giving Pikachu a little kick and leaving Pikachu all confused. Check it out!

142 kb


Another nice one! From the episode "Holy Matrimony", at the end, Pikachu and Growlithe team up to toast Vileplume. It's a small short clip, but still lots of fun! Don't miss it!

150 kb

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