When you type in "Pikachu" at Yahoo, you get over 3000 results. Imagine how many MetaCrawler (with 37 search engines) showed! Well, with this many sites to review and check out, a lot of work was necessary. Larry wanted to do this links page... he was up to the challenge! Finally, after cutting it down to over a hundred pages off the list, he started visiting these sites, and brought the number down to just a bit above 40. There are many other Pikachu sites out there, but these are the best we came across. These are also all sites that have info or something to do with Pikachu, and not just a normal Pokémon site with Pikachu in the name. Go ahead...look around! There's some great sites out there you shouldn't miss!

The sites are in no specific order.

Due to frame problems, each link opens a new window! You can copy the address and paste it at the top address bar if you want to keep this window only.


Pikachu's Lightning -

Pikachu's Pokeball -

Pikachu's Lightning -

Pikachu's Pokeball -

With Love Pikachu -

Pikachu's Pokémon Centre -

Pikachu's Pokemon Chatroom -

Pikachu's Place -

Pikachu's Realm -

CJ's Pokemon Pikachu Page -

Pikachu's Palace -

Pikachu's Pika Pika Center -

Pikachu chat -

PiKaChU -

Pikachu HQ -

Pikachu's Poke Realm -

Pikachu -

Pikachu's Photo -

Pikachu: Pika Pika! -

Welcome to pikachu's homepage -

Welcome to Pikachu's Place!!? -

pikachu's playpin -

Pikachu's Pokemon Center -

pika - pika -

Welcome to Pikachu's Pokeball -

Pikachu's Pokémon Palace -

Pikachu's Shrine -

Pikachu's House -

Pocket Pikachu -

Pokemon Pikachu Pictures -

Pikahu Genki Dechu -

Pikachu's Pokemon Homelands -

Pikachu's Ketchup Bar -

Pikachu's Pokémon -

With Love! Pikachu -

Pikachu's PikaPower Anime Page! -

*The Best of Pikachu!* -

The Pikachu Storm -


Pikachu's Page -

Raichu and Pikachu's Gym -

Pikachu's Domain -

Welcome to Pikachu's Place -

Pikachu's Planet -

Pikachu Boogie dancing fun -


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