Pikachu Downloads

Although there really aren't many games or Pikachu things for Windows, I did manage to find this game called Pikachu's Revenge and I put together some Pikachu Windows things into a theme:


Pikachu's Revenge is a small Pikachu game like pong created by Albert Herrera. You have a big paddle and you must keep Pikachu in the air and collect all the Pokéballs. Some good parts of this game are the sound and music, and the graphics are pretty good too. This game doesn't work on many computers though since it was created with a tool called "Klik & Play". The gameplay is just boring, and very frustrating with the hard to control paddle and the Pikachu which has no physics to it whatsoever... it practically bounces wherever it wants. The game is also full of bugs, and graphical errors which occur on some computers by just pressing the mouse back button. Other than that, it is possible for Pikachu to get stuck bouncing form side to side, and the help it comes with doesn't help you at all. It comes with only 5 super-easy levels, plus you can't uninstall it (so it leaves files in your System folder). Although at first it might look like a beautiful and cute game, I suggest you stay away from it. Its nice music, sounds and graphics are not worth your frustration over the actual gameplay. Save yourself and don't install it, but since it's the only Pikachu game out there for the PC, lots of you might not be able to resist but try it. Just don't say I didn't warn you... Oh, and I didn't make this game so don't complain to me about the errors. I don't even know the guy who made it...

419 kb

Many people requested a Pikachu Desktop Theme to me, and here it is! The first and only Pikachu Desktop Theme on the internet, proudly produced by GadeaWare (my brother and I). But before you get too excited, there is a problem. As most of us with Microsoft PLUS! might expect a theme file (.theme), it doesn't exist. This means everything must be installed manually, which can be a big pain for many of us. Well, until I find a tool or something to make it into a proper theme, this is how it's gonna be! The theme though you will like. After installing everything by following the detailed included installation instructions, you'll see your 5 minute work was worth it! You will have turned your computer into the coolest Pikachu place ever! The most adorable Pikachu picture ever covers the background, as small cute Pikachu icons are spread over the desktop. Funny cursors pop up as you move your mouse around a window and the cutest sounds add to the beautiful environment. But watch out: an awesome Pikachu Screen Saver will pop up though if you stare at the beautiful background for too long! That's the good part! The theme comes with professional quality stuff, most of which wasn't even produced by GadeaWare, but it does have its flaws. Other than that you have to install everything manually, and unlike the rest of the theme, the icons can only be used if you already have PLUS!. There is also a small risk of screwing up your settings when you want to uninstall the theme parts, although it is very rare, and I can help you fix that. All in all, it's a great theme if you're willing to spend a few minutes to follow the instructions and set everything up, but when that's done, you'll have an awesome "World of Pikachu" on your computer!

814 kb